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About Us


Originally founded in 2010 as Sabercats Youth Football and Cheer we have become the premier youth tackle football organization in our surrounding area.  Over the years our relationship with Boulder Creek High School has strengthened to the point where we are now the official feeder team to the high school football program.  Our goal is to help develop the Boulder Creek program starting long before the young athletes first step onto a high school field.  We work closely with the administration and coaching staff at the high school and tailor our program (plays and terminology) to match that of the high school.  Young athletes who participate in Jaguar Youth Football will be very familiar with the system and well ahead of the learning curve once they start high school football.

Our future is bright and our dedicated staff of volunteers are committed to the success of the program and the success of your child as they have fun, learn to be a football player and prepare for high school.

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